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The Gospel Changes Everything | Susan Thompson

September 16, 2019

First, I have to give God the Glory for where I am in my walk with him. You see, I never really new much of him. I believed there was a God, but now I can say that I know him intimately. Thank you, Jesus!
At 19 years old I married an alcoholic. I supported us during the marriage. He didn’t work, so I would work long hours to pay the bills. That’s when I started drinking. I was 24 when he died in a drunk driving accident.
In April of 1992, my mother was killed in an accident. After this I moved back home to help my father take care of our family business, a tavern. Before I knew it, I was surrounded by the wrong crowd.
I’ll never forget the first time I smoked crack cocaine. I forgot about my pain. I was addicted instantly. I went on for 25 years living this life. Being addicted, raped, beat up, shot at, stabbed, incarcerated, homeless, and constantly lying to those around me.
My brother and I were close most of our lives. After his cancer diagnosis, I moved to Iowa to help take care of him. This is where I met Ted, who would eventually be my husband. While caring for my brother, he would ask me to go to church with him up until his passing in early 2015. This really caused me to think differently about my life.
I believe this is eventually how God led me to himself.
About two years ago we moved to Durant, and on Easter Sunday in 2018, we attended Fusion Bible for the first time. I knew right away that this is where we needed to be. Soon after that I was married and baptized in the same day and have been a part of the Fusion Bible family ever since!
I look back and my story and realize that all those years of my life chasing the world don’t have to be wasted. The Lord can use my testimony and life experiences to help others, and that is exactly what I’m doing!
As of this fall, I am enrolled at Southeastern Oklahoma State University here in Durant pursuing a career as a drug and alcohol counselor! My goals is to be able to pour into others who are walking through the same struggles that I once walked through, in hopes that they would eventually come to know the freedom that comes in being a beloved child of God!