Groceries To Go

How It Works

There are many needs in our community. As a church family, we want to do our part in serving our neighbors well. We want to bless families with groceries, encouragement, and prayer. To bless a family by building a box or providing donations, cards, or word of encouragement, select “Build a Box” below. If you are in need of a box to help bless you or your family, select “Sign Up Here.”  We as a church are praying for everyone that contributes to building a box and for those that are blessed with a box.

For those that are contributing to building a box, you do not need to build the entire box.  You are more than welcome to donate just a few items if that is what works for you.  We are honored to have you be a part of this service project to our neighbors.  We want to just love them well.

Delivery: July 13 & 27


Groceries-to-go boxes will be distributed twice a month to bless families in our community. A simple way to serve families is by purchasing a few of these items below or building an entire box. Bless a family by purchasing this month’s grocery items:


1st Week: 13th
A variety of canned goods
Ice Pops
2nd Week: 27th
A variety of canned goods

Cards of encouragement will be included in each box of food that goes home to a family. Simply write a note of encouragement and/or prayer with available stationery in your home and include it in the grocery-to-go boxes. Below is an example of a card of encouragement.

Dear recipient of this groceries-to-go box,

We are praying this box blesses your family. We at Fusion hope you feel loved and know you have a church family with us.  We welcome you to join us for worship any Sunday or even online.  If you already worship with us, we can’t wait to see you Sunday!

Our hopes are to love our neighbors well as it says in Matthew 22.39 and live out this mission daily.  You are loved!

In Christ,

Your Name