(4th – 6th Grade)

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The Mix
(7th – 12th Grade)

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We love students and want to tell them about Jesus.  We try to create an environment that is fun and safe, where students feel welcomed and seen.  We laugh a lot, play games, hangout, and open the Bible together.  We talk about relevant things to students, trying to understand what the Bible teaches us about those things.  Our goal is to build a strong foundation of faith in our students so they can live for Jesus in their schools, homes, clubs, sports teams, or wherever they find themselves.  A big part of what we do is centered on small groups and community.  At Fusion, our goal is that our students feel known and loved.

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Jesus taught his followers to love God and to love people. Loving people is the mission at Fusion. There are many ways you can partner with us in that mission and it starts as you take your next step.

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