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The Fusion Bible Generational Ministry Team focuses ministry around the Gospel lived out through the Think Orange philosophy. The church, represented by the color yellow, is called to illuminate and bring the light of the Gospel to a world that desperately needs it. The family, represented by the color red, is the lifeblood, the love and support that a family is designed to give. When the two colors of yellow and red merge, they form the more vibrant color, orange. We desire to merge the influences of family and church to create a greater influence in the lives of our children because the whole of combining two forces has greater impact than just two parts. This is why Fusion Bible is a Think Orange church!

We believe nothing is more important than a person’s relationship with God – not what job they have some day, what college they attend, or any athletic or educational accomplishment. A passion for Jesus Christ and a life transformed by Him is the ultimate goal. No one has more spiritual influence in a child’s life than parents. God has placed that leadership on the parents; we as the church have no desire to replace the parent in their God-given role. Parents are the primary spiritual influence in their child’s life, whether they want to be or not, and they will teach through their own walk with God. For this reason, it is our desire as a church to partner with parents and families. We realize that no one has more potential to spiritually influence parents than the church, and parents’ influence greatly increases when the church partners with them. Parents need another voice reiterating the spiritual truths they are teaching at home. Parents also need the support of the church to walk through life alongside of their family – to rejoice with them when things are good and to stand alongside of them when life is tough. We also realize that the influence of the church greatly increases when parents partner with the church. The message of the Gospel taught at church will take greater root in a child’s life when they see it modeled in the home. Synchronize efforts between church and home with the same end in mind increase the opportunity for the Gospel to transform our children’s lives…for a lifetime.

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