Small Groups


A Place Where Your Name and Need are Known

In our modern culture, it’s easy to be surrounded by lots of people, and not be known. Small Groups provide a safe space to be known, accepted and loved. Where a group of people know your name, know what’s going on in your life, and know if you have any needs that can be met or shared.

A Place to Grow

When we walk with Jesus, we’re always growing. The adventure begins the day we start to follow him, and it never stops. Every person has room to grow and a step to take in their relationship with Jesus.

Small Groups are a place where, alongside brothers and sisters we know and love, we discover that next step and work out what it means to take it. The greatest growth in Christ we experience will likely come with other Christ followers by our side. People who watch us try, fail, and get up and try again.

How Does it Work?

Our Small Groups are Sermon Based small groups of typically about 8-14 people, who meet weekly in homes throughout Texoma. Groups use a Study Guide based on that week’s sermon and dive deeper into what it means to apply the Bible in our lives. We pray together, laugh together, and often eat together. There are 3 sessions each year, Fall, Winter, and Spring, and typically run for about 8-10 weeks each.

Ready for Your Next Step?


Jesus taught his followers to love God and to love people. Loving people is the mission at Fusion. There are many ways you can partner with us in that mission and it starts as you take your next step.

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