We exist to bring glory to God by making disciples through gospel-centered worship, community, service and multiplication. This is our mission and process for discipleship. Out of this, gospel-centered community is the context for discipleship. At Fusion Bible we live out this discipleship trait through D:Groups (Discipleship Groups).


Here at Fusion Bible, our mission is making disciples and groups are where we see this happening best. In every one of our D:Groups (yes, “D” is for discipleship!), you’ll find three important components:

  • An intentional leader (to shepherd you)
  • A relational environment (to build relationships)
  • A reproducible result (to reach others)

Make your next step to join one of our Discipleship Groups. In doing so, you will grow in your faith and understanding of Jesus and then go out and reach your world for Christ!


We pursue and live out gospel-centered community through D:Groups. Made up of men and women from all generations of life, these groups meet throughout the week for fellowship, care, prayer, accountability, sharing stories, and studying God’s Word. They’re a place where we work to consider each other over ourselves. No group is perfect, and no two groups are exactly the same. We don’t expect them to be. Because people are messy, groups are messy. Real-life doesn’t stop for us to grow spiritually. D:Groups are a great way to grow in the context of real-life with other people. Through those relationships we find story after story of life being transformed by the power of God!


Once in the spring and again in the fall we host an event called Group Launch. This event is designed to help connect you with a D:Group where you can find a place to live out gospel-centered community. Group Launch gives you the opportunity to meet different D:Group leaders and to sign up for a D:Group in your area.

Want to connect at Fusion Bible? Watch for these events:

  • D:ONE – Come meet some of the staff and elders and learn more about Fusion Bible.
  • D:TWO – If you are ready to become a member then D:TWO is for you. Registration is required so watch for announcements.
  • Group Launch – Looking for a D:Group? Group Launch t is a great opportunity to meet some of our D:Group leaders and coaches.



Ready for Your Next Step?


Jesus taught his followers to love God and to love people. Loving people is the mission at Fusion. There are many ways you can partner with us in that mission and it starts as you take your next step.

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